Confessions of a Tarot Card Reader:

Inside the Real Psychic World

People who will benefit from reading this e-book include:

  • Anyone who has or ever will go to any psychic reader or tarot card reader

  • Anyone interested in becoming a reader

  • Anyone interested in taking a peek into the psychic world

  • Anyone who is curious about readers and the readings they give

  • Readers whether using Tarot Card or other psychic tools

  • Anyone thinking about going to or has gone to a psychic fair

"I absolutely loved it!  I read your book last night and didn't want it to end!  It held my interest all the way through."  Mary A.


About the author: Elucidama
(Elucidama is a pseudonym to provide privacy to the hundreds of clients, students and readers she interacted with during her career.)

Elucidama spent over three decades inside the psychic world.  She began as a client, then she became a self taught, very popular and successful international tarot card reader.  She read for hundreds of clients at psychic fairs and other venues.  From there she moved on to become a teacher of tarot through adult community education centers.  Part of her career involved lecturing at public events about the psychic world and tarot card reading.   She also worked a psychic hotline for a brief period of time.

A  series of stunning and dangerous events gave Elucidama powerful insights into the good and the dark side of the psychic world.  Now, a safe ten years after those events, she has written this enlightening and eye opening book "Confessions of a Tarot Card Reader: Inside the Real Psychic World."  This insider's information will help anyone that has any interest in the psychic world and will also help those that have had a reading in the past and those that are considering getting a reading in the future.

Readers of this book will get to hear about some of the many readings that Elucidama received from psychics over the years.  They will also learn and experience some of the readings that she gave to her clients.  All of the events and descriptions in this book are true.  All of the names and most locations have been changed for the safety and privacy of the participants.

Here is a quote from Elucidama  "Tarot changed my life for the better.  I found true love, happiness, good fortune and much more.  However the true power of the psychic world can be as dangerous as it can be beneficial.  I had to remove myself from those who were too close to the dark side.  I am writing this book with the hope and intent to help others learn from my experiences and to see more clearly for themselves before getting involved too deeply into the psychic world."  

For the first time ever and only available here learn:

How to choose the best reader for your needs
How to avoid a bad reading that could ruin your life
How to quickly spot a fake psychic reader
Six ways to get the most from a reading
Eight warning signs that tell you when to leave
How to move your life in a positive direction

Confessions of a Tarot Card Reader

is an open and honest insider's view of a mysterious world.

Testimonials are pouring in about how this book has opened the reader's eyes concerning the real power behind psychic predictions and tarot card readings.  Here are just a few of the comments we have received from readers:

"I too got sucked into a "physic reader" who, when I finally got some of my sense back, realized she was taking advantage of my fragile situation.  I visited a few other readers, some of which, I am sure lead me to some actions that I would not have taken if I were not in such a 'fragile state of mind.'  Anyway, I think you have truly 'hit the nail on the head' in saying that our actions come from out thoughts, and we manifest our future by the way we react or don't react to those thoughts.  I found your book to be helpful in realizing that is more true everyday." Diana G.

"The insights and information given in this book has changed the way I do tarot card readings.  I have now chosen to help others by following your suggestions.  Thank you."  Marcia C.

"I frequently go to psychic fairs and was so happy to find your book 'Confessions of a Tarot Card Reader.'  Reading it opened my eyes and now I feel I am a more educated consumer.  Great job!"  Scott H.

"As a Tarot Card Reader I was a bit skeptical when I came across your e-book.  I read it anyway and I have to say I learned so much.  You really gave some honest insights and truths about the psychic world that I feel all readers need to be aware of.  Thank you for sharing."  Carla B.

"Your book changed the way I approach a psychic.  I now feel more confident when I seek out a reading and feel I have more power than I once realized.  Thanks!"  Sandy K.

Confessions of a Tarot Card Reader includes:

The inside secrets of a real Tarot Card Reader
An understanding of the REAL power of the psychic world
The real readings of real people
Details of a dangerous curse that ended badly
A list of life issues with which a good reader may help with

Here are few more comments we have received from readers:

"I loved the book from beginning to end and will read it again.
 I especially hope those interested in becoming Tarot Card readers hear about your book, buy it, read it and follow your prescription for positive readings." M.A.

"Elucidama really opened my eyes.   I finally know what to look for in a reader."  Sarah J.

"Confessions of a Tarot Card Reader" changed my life.  I now have much more positive energy in my life."  Betty M.

"I've always wanted to get a reading but didn't know how to find a good reading.  Your book gave me the guidance I needed."  K. R.

"I found the stories so interesting that I wanted it to go on forever.  I cried at the end of Chapter 9." Amy R.

"This book answered so many questions that I had about psychic readers and tarot.  Thank you so much for writing it."  Paul. L.

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